A nature reserve in the Gargano National Park

Tremiti Islands

The Tremiti Islands, a nature reserve in the Gargano National Park, is an archipelago of five islands: St. Nicholas, the administrative center of the archipelago, San Domino, Caprara, Cretaccio, and the farthest, Pianosa Island.
San Domino, the largest island of the archipelago, is quite entirely covered by a thick forest of Aleppo pines, and at times by a scented and luxuriant Mediterranean maquis, where rosemary, myrtle, and wild olive trees fill the air with their unmistakable perfumes.

San Domino represents one of the last natural paradises in the Mediterranean sea.
Here the sea is still a source of endless resources, full of wonders to explore, a real paradise for divers and snorkelers.
Hikers can venture out to explore nooks and uncontaminated sites, such as the “Grotta delle Viole” and the “Grotta del bue”, the huge “scogli dei Pagliai” and the Lighthouse, and of course the “Cala delle Arene” and “Cala Tramontana”.
The center of San Domino provides old shops and boutiques, nightclubs, the church, and the emergency station. To the east, on the Island of St. Nicholas, stands the large complex of the Benedictine Abbey, dating back to 1045.